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Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

Insurance carriers are obligated to act in good faith and deal fairly with their insureds. If an insurance carrier unreasonably breaches that obligation, an insured may be entitled to compensatory and even punitive damages. Such unreasonable breaches include:


  • Refusal to Settle

  • Delay in Reaching Settlement

  • Refusal to Defend

  • Refusal to Indemnify Covered Claim

  • Failure to Investigate Claim Thoroughly

  • Failure to Evaluate Claim Objectively

  • Unreasonable Restrictive Requirements re Claim Form

  • Denial of Claim Based on Arbitrary or Unreasonable Standards

  • Unreasonable Delay in Payment or Processing of Claim

  • Abusive Practices to Avoid Payments of Claim

  • Disregard of Insureds Rights

  • Postclaims Underwriting

  • Unreasonable Litigation Conduct

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